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Cheque Bounce Lawyers Guntur

Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Guntur – Our associate lawyers in Guntur are providing legal services and solution for Cheque bounce cases in Guntur due to insufficiency of funds in the bank account and resulting it is punishable under the provisions of Section 138-A of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. The legal solution for cheque dishonour is approach the appropriate court of law by filing appropriate case through a lawyer and before approaching court you have to give legal notice from a lawyer. 

The Banks either Nationalized, Corporate Banks or Private banks are providing facility of cheque books to their customers for the transfer of money as the customer may wish.  The customer before transferring the fund by way of cheque to anybody he/she should verify whether the funds are sufficient in his account or not.  He/she has to take care and confirm before issuing cheque.  Otherwise he/she may face civil and criminal liability according to Law as prescribed under Section 138-A of Negotiable Instruments Act.

Our Associate Lawyers in Guntur providing legal solution and legal services in court litigation matters relating to Cheque Bounce due to insufficiency of funds, may approach for

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