Legal Heir Certificate in Tirupati

Legal Heir Certificate Procedure in Tirupati, our associates providing legal services in obtaining Legal Heir Certificate for the citizen of Tirupati for their properties intestate under the provisions of  Indian Succession Act and Administrator General Act for moveable and immoveable properties in around areas of Tirupati.  Legal Heir Certificate is also called as Succession Certificate.  But not Family Members Certificate.  Only courts are competent to give Legal Heir Certificate, but not revenue officials.  Revenue Officials like Tahsildar/MRO should give only Family Members Certificate only for family members of deceased Government Employee to claim service benefits.

Our Associate Lawyers in Tirupati providing legal services by understanding our clients’ legal litigation regarding inheritance matters, ancestral properties, registered wills and unregistered wills and probating the unregistered wills etc., Moveable Properties such as Savings Bank Accounts, Insurance Claims, FDs., Bank Lockers, Share Transfers, Society Membership Transfers etc., if owner of the property died intestate leaving behind any of the above stated any of the properties.

Our Associates Lawyers in Tirupati also providing Mutation Services such as name change legally in Property Tax in Municipality Tirupati, Electricity and other related services in around of Tirupati area.