Legal Heir Certificate in Kadapa Proddatur

Legal Heir Certificate Procedure in Kadapa Proddatur, Our associate lawyers in Kadapa Proddatur is providing legal services in obtaining Legal Heir Certificate for the citizen of Kadapa Proddatur for their properties intestate under the provisions of  Indian Succession Act and Administrator General Act for moveable and immoveable properties to get Legal Heir Certificate or Succession Certificate in Kadapa Proddatur. Only courts are competent to give Legal Heir Certificate, but not revenue officials. Revenue Officials like Tahsildar/MRO should give only Family Members Certificate only for family members of deceased Government Employee to claim service benefits. Our Associate Lawyers in Kadapa Proddatur providing legal services by understanding our clients’ legal litigation regarding inheritance matters, ancestral properties, registered wills and unregistered wills and probating the unregistered wills etc., Movable Properties such as Savings Bank Accounts, Insurance Claims, FDs., Bank Lockers, Share Transfers, Society Membership Transfers etc., if owner of the property died intestate leaving behind any of the above stated any of the properties in Kadapa Proddatur and its surrounding areas.

For whom it applies

In case in a family where a Male or Female person dies without any nominee for his/her movable properties and without making a will for immovable properties leaves behind various classes of heirs. The Indian Succession Act governed by the law pertaining to Hindus, Christian, Muslims, Jews or Parsis. Our Associates Lawyers in KadapaProddatur dealing with the matters relating to Legal Heir Certificate under the provisions of Hindu Succession Act, Christian, Muslim and other Religious Laws in Kadapa Proddatur. But the Hindu Succession Act applies to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists in Kadapa Proddatur.


According to pecuniary jurisdiction in Kadapa Proddatur if the market value of the property or claiming amount above Rs. 10 Lakhs civil courts got the jurisdiction to entertain the application for Legal Heir Certificate and if the Property market value or claiming amount is below or up to Rupees below Ten Lakhs, the Administrator General which is a State-wide Succession jurisdiction to entertain the application to issue Legal Heir Certificate for the heirs of the deceased property owner of either movable or immovable properties in KadapaProddatur areas under the provisions of Under Section-29 of Administrator General Act, 1963 as amended by the Administrator General Amendment Act No.34 of 1999 .

Procedure to Apply for Succession Certificate

  1. According to the Market value of the Property or claiming amount  the jurisdiction will apply for the Succession Certificate/ Legal Heir Certificate.
  2. The applicant should furnish his/her/their particulars, details of the property etc., by giving an Affidavit.
  3. Death Certificate of Property owner.
  4. Consent Affidavit for No-objection.
  5. Valuation Certificate from the Registrar of Stamps and Registrations.
  6. In respect of claiming amount such as Bank FDs, Bank balances, Insurance claims, Shares, continuation of loan, Bank lockers, in case of mortgage releasing of property documents etc., a statement from the authorities concerned is very much essential to submit before court.
  7. Two witness affidavits in Rs.20/- N.J. Stamp Paper.
  8. For Proof of Identity the applicant should furnish Voters ID Card/Aadhar Card/Pass Port/Service Proof  etc.
  9. Other original documents relating to the claim of the property.
  10. Petition praying what he/she is claiming.
Legal Services to get Legal Heir Certificate
Our Law Associate Lawyers in Kadapa Proddatur is providing Legal Services and Legal Advice for obtaining of Legal Heir Certificates for either movable or immovable properties situated in Kadapa Proddatur.