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Name Change Procedure Consultants in Bangalore of Karnataka State by Kavery Legal Services, Bangalore providing legal services by giving guidance to needy people in preparing relating documents and for process how to apply for Gazette Notification for name change in Bangalore Karnataka and in getting change of name legally in accordance with the guidelines of Government of India to change name.

In Karnataka State, there is no process for changing of name to apply for Gazette of Karnataka, only government employees can apply for changing of name or correction of name if they require.  So the private individuals may apply to Government of India, Department of Publications for Gazette Notification for changing of name or correction of name.

this portal explained procedure to change name in ID Proofs, certificates and in other documents legally.  In Karnataka State nowadays some people are showing much interest to change their names as per latest trends, numerology, horoscope and some other reasons. But correction of names are somewhat different, if names were written or entered wrongly or with spelling mistakes in ID Proofs such as Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Bank Account, Educational Certificates, School Records or in Property Documents may be occurred due to typographical errors and or in some other reasons, the procedure to make corrections in existing names is also same as Change of Name. The Government of India is providing legal solution to change name or rectify the mistakes in existing name.

Change of Name divided into nine categories: viz.,

  1. Change of Name for Majors
  2. Change of Name for Minors   
  3. Surname change for women after marriage
  4. Name Change after Religion Change
  5. Name Change after Sex Change
  6. Father’s Name Change to the Children of widow after re-marry if require
  7. Father’s Name Change to the Children of Divorced Woman after re-marry if require
  8. Correction of Name, Parents’ names in Certificates, ID Proofs or in other documents
  9. Change of Name for Government Employees.  

The Name Change Process is Three Stages:

1st Stage: Affidavit

Self declaration affidavit prepare in a minimum value of stamp paper. The content should contain your name, your father’s/husband’s name, age, occupation, residential address, proposed new name and mention reason to change your name or making corrections in the existing name or your father’s name, mother’s name or children’s name in your records by duly notarize it from a public notary.   

2nd Stage: Public Notice in Newspaper

Give Ad in any local newspaper by way of Request Letter along with copy of affidavit to the Editor requesting them to publish public notice under the caption of “Change of Name”. Publication Matter should contain your old name, father/husband’s name, your occupation, present residential address as in your ID Proof and Proposed New Name.

3rd Stage: Gazette Notification

The final and 3rd stage is applying to Gazette Notification  by way of request letter to publish your change of name matter in Gazette of India along with the following documents:

  1. Publication Matter along with two witnesses
  2. Self Declaration Original Affidavit duly Notarize
  3. Original Newspaper Ad
  4. Process Fee through online payment
  5. Xerox copies of Educational Certificates if any duly self attestation
  6. Xerox copies of ID Proofs duly self attestation
  7. Two Pass Size Photographs with signature on front side

For preparation of Affidavit and related documents better to approach an Advocate, so that the documents will reflect legal manner. After getting Gazette Notification you may change your name in all ID Proofs and other required documents if any. Remember, Gazette Notification Copy is a legal document, but not a certificate.

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