Name Change Procedure India

Name Change Procedure in India

Name Change Procedure and process in India, change of name or making corrections in existing name are almost same and similar procedure.  There may be many reasons to  change or correction of name like rectify the wrong entries in educational certificates or ID proofs or in other documents,  numerology reasons, surname change for women after marriage, name change after adoption, name change after religion change.

In India every state has its own respective official gazette publications.  But the process & procedure regarding publishing the change of names in gazettes in state gazettes are not similar, somewhat difference to process the applications.   Some state in India are publishing name changes only for government employees, but not for private individuals.  Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are same and similar procedure and Name Change Procedure in Maharashtra almost similar to Gazette of India Process.   Here under the process is Application for Gazette of India for Change of Name.

Required Documents to Change name

Xerox copies duly self attested documents to be submit      Name Change in Maharashtra

  • ID Proofs such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID,                                 Name Change in Hyderabad
  • PAN Card, Passport, Service ID Proof etc.                                Name Change in Andhra Pradesh
  • Educational Documents if necessary
  • Two Passport Size Photographs
  • Affidavit in minimum value of Stamp Paper
  • Ad in Newspaper
  • Publication Fee by way of Demand Draft

Note: Address & Name displayed in ID Proofs should be same and similar with one another.  Multiple residential addresses in ID Proofs will not entertain to consider the application for name change.   So the name & address in ID Proofs must show same and similar with one another. The process is very sensitive and legally effective procedure, so the information should give carefully.  The process & procedure stated here in accordance with Government of India process to publish in Gazette of India. The affidavit neatly typed in minimum value of stamp paper duly notarize it and for other related documentation better to contact your nearest lawyer, so that the documents will reflect legal manner.

1st STAGE:

Self declaration affidavit neatly typed in minimum value of stamp paper should purchase it with existing name. The content in the affidavit includes existing name, father’s/husband’s name, occupation, age and address as in your ID Proofs, your new name and reason to change your name duly notarize it.

2nd STAGE:  

Give Ad in any newspaper under the caption of ‘Change of Name’,  The content should be includes your existing name, father/husband name, occupation, residential address, your new name and reason to change your name.  For this you should approach Editor of Newspaper by way of request letter along with Xerox Copy of Affidavit.

3rd  STAGE:  

Apply to Publish in Gazette of India through a request letter along with Affidavit, Original Newspaper insertion of Ad total page, Publication Matter along with two witnesses, CD containing publication matter without witnesses portion, Declaration Certificate, Gazette Publication Fee by way of DD, two photos with self attestation and xerox copies of ID Proofs duly self-attestation and xerox copies of educational certificates if required duly self-attestation may submit to the Controller of Publications, Department of Publications, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054.